HumbleCLI 1.0 was released today!

1.0.0 Silver

This was one of those days… Anyway we rolled out what we hope is an API-stable first release of HumbleCLI.

What does it mean API-stable anyway?

Well, it is difficult to roll out a super stable project working in 1.5 guys of 0.10% of the time (basically working on it overnight). That means we know there are bugs to fix and room for heavy improvements, and we hope to roll it out without breaking changes in the APIs, aka the commands that you will learn to prompt in your terminal.

What do you get from HumbleCLI?

  1. describe your docker-compose environment as source code instead of a long command line
  2. import/export files and mysql data between containers and host
  3. describe common routines as high level scripts (es backup/restore)
  4. run multiple apps with HumbleServer (highly sperimental)

Give it a try today! Click here for the GitHub repo and follow the instructions on the readme.