Shades Of Consultancy

or How I survived 15 years in IT...

I’ve been in the Information Technology business for more than fifteen years.
I saw things and heard requests that you can barely conceive in your worst nightmares.

I’m an IT consultant

I believe you should always push forward to face the next challenge, but sometimes it is worth to pause and run a personal retrospective.

A check-up of your career path, so to speak.

Today I want to share with you some personal thoughts about the many stages of “being a consultant” that I have been through.

Please feel free to disagree and let me know your opinion by dropping a comment!

5.5 Shades of Consultancy

1.0 ... the Junior Developer »
2.0 ... the Senior Developer
3.0 ... the Team Lead
4.0 ... the Tech Lead
5.0 ... the Tool Making Guy
5.5 ... the Startupper