And so WordPress…

My adventure with WP has begun almost fifteen years ago, when it sucked.
Back then I was working as freelancer and I grew an opinion about it:

I couldn’t use WordPress to build my customer’s website!

As every good developer would have done I opted to build a custom CMS based on CakePHP.
I must say it had been a wonderful and painful experience at the same time.

When you build a custom CMS you enjoy pure freedom and suffer a huge bottleneck:
-> yourself <-

Years went by, technologies had raised and gone (aka: CD-Rom readers in laptops) and I moved to front-end development with jQuery, mobile web development, general Javascript frameworking (Backbone, Knockout and of course React), then I dived back into backend with NodeJS and I started to enjoy micro-service oriented ways of thinking.

Today I’m all about Docker and I couldn’t care less about the underlying technology.

I still do a lot of Javascript and I still believe that it is the future of web development (see Electron just to blow your mind) but I also gotten into a job position in which I take care of WordPress based websites.

And I found out that today WordPress sucks less.

Long story short I need to learn it and I need to learn how to design a Docker based development/production environment around WordPress and NodeJS services. A nice idea my company is going after is to use WordPress ad input interface to modern single pages application (or should I say Progressive Apps?). That’s cool.

Therefore I am going to use this repository as personal dojo for:

Open Source by Design

Of course all of this is Open Source. I can’t afford private GitHub repositories anyway 🙂

The Adventure is Out There