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Free Full-Stack development in your Browser

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This is the best possible time to become a developer!

In a previous article you learned about and that you can use to experiment with backend and frontend projects.

Today you will take a step forward and create a Full Stack Todo List App that persists data in a Postgres database using ElephantSQL which offers a free Postgres plan where you can store up to 20Mb of data. Perfect solution for learning.


Let’s plan the Project:

đź“ťData Storage

The first step is to set up an account in ElephantSQL and create a new free database plan that this app will use.

This is mostly achieved by clicking around the Web Admin area in ElephantSQL and I will walk you through each step with annotated screenshots.

👉Go to the Free Postgres tutorial


Next comes the backend. As you want to learn Javascript, you will use to create a NodeJS backend that connects to your database and offers a REST API toward the Internet.

You will be pleasantly surprised when you’ll see that it takes just a small Javascript file to achieve all of this… well… a “basic all of this”…

👉Go to the NodeJS Backend in the Browser tutorial


The last step is to create the UI for your app. The User Interface is often the most time expensive part of any Software Engineering projects, and the Todo App is no exception.

You will use the React boilerplate provided by and learn how to use React’s Hooks to handle a global application state capable of consuming the REST API prepared during the previous step.

With that in place, you will use Ionic/React to assemly a nice looking mobile first UI.

👉Go to the React development experience in the Browser tutorial - still work in progress…