My Projects

I like to start new project. No, I LOVE to start new projects. Starting new projects give me the opportunity to go deep into one single subject and learn.

West side project story -

My personal github is filled up with short life span repos. But some of them are more interesting than others and I plan to keep working on a more serious level.

Here is a list of the projects that I am actively maintaining, where “maintain” means:

actively working on features and documentation


On Sundays I help people approaching Web Development from scratch and LearnJS is the material that I am preparing to make the best of this effort.

There are a few principles that I am following:

  • path of less resistance - students should not bother with complex setups (at least in the beginning), Internet is packed with incredible tools that make learning a fun and simple experience
  • challenge based - instead of teaching abstract concepts like “array mapping” I provide real-world challenges, exercises that becomes progressively more interesting (or challenging), but that are always visible and demoable
  • zero teaching - Internet is full of free valuable resources that a student can leverage to learn almost everything. We do our best to curate lists of external resources
  • collaborative - students should be able (and encouraged) to post their solutions and discuss it live on the page. I’m looking for ways to integrate slack channels into each page

Discover LearnJS


Node/React ecosystem that help you focus on developing features and bring value to your project.

Discover ForrestJS


Fetchq is a Postgres based queue service. It’s a task scheduler that handles parallel queue processing and can scale from a tiny ~20Mb RAM development instance, to a big scraping project with more than 100 servers working in parallel.

More details on


Stuffer is a file server where you can post stuff. It handles some nice features like post-upload queued processing, and on-demand processing. Some use cases:

  • upload videos that need to be transcoded
  • upload images that need to be resized on demand
  • upload PDFs of which you want to download only one page every 7

Yes, you can do all the weird things with files that NodeJS allows by writing simple extensions with the language you love.

We already have some core-extensions that provide caching, S3 file storage and some image resizing.

More details on Stuffer


Pigtail is a server monitoring system built in Javascript.

NOTE: super early stage

More details on Pigtail


A Docker based automation tool to build a Gatsby project with hooks.

NOTE: super early stage


HumbleCLI is a bash utility for docker-compose.

More details on HumbleCLI