My Projects

I like to start new project. No, I LOVE to start new projects. Starting new projects give me the opportunity to go deep into one single subject and learn.

West side project story -

My personal github is filled up with short life span repos. But some of them are more interesting than others and I plan to keep working on a more serious level.

Here is a list of the projects that I am actively maintaining, where “maintain” means:

activelery working on features and documentation


Fetchq is a Postgres based queue service. It’s a task scheduler that handles parallel queue processing and can scale from a tiny ~20Mb RAM development instance, to a big scraping project with more than 100 servers working in parallel.

More details on


Stuffer is a file server where you can post stuff. It handles some nice features like post-upload queued processing, and on-demand processing. Some use cases:

  • upload videos that need to be transcoded
  • upload images that need to be resized on demand
  • upload PDFs of which you want to download only one page every 7

Yes, you can do all the weird things with files that NodeJS allows by writing simple extensions with the language you love.

We already have some core-extensions that provide caching, S3 file storage and some image resizing.

More details on Stuffer


Pigtail is a server monitoring system built in Javascript.

NOTE: super early stage

More details on Pigtail


ReactSSR is an NPM module that makes it quite easy to kick off a Universal React app with:

  • redux
  • code splitting
  • server side rendering
  • customizable cache

More details on ReactSSR


A Docker based automation tool to build a Gatsby project with hooks.

NOTE: super early stage


NOTE: super early stage

Aggregates contents from different social media and online resources into an organic feed that you can share with the world.


HumbleCLI is a bash utility for docker-compose.

More details on HumbleCLI