About Me

I was born in Italy, in the hot summer of ‘81.
The first thing I wished to do was to fly, luckily my second choice was coding!

I’m a Web Engineer. I play with Javascript, Docker, mobile web apps, and NodeJS. I love to deal with huge amounts of data, mostly using PostgreSQL.

I like to share code and solutions. I believe knowledge is a product worth sharing so everybody can enjoy and improve our community value.

I’m working hard to become a good manager that people can look up to and feel supported by. It's a rock'n'roll experience, but it pays off immensely when you recognize success in the eyes of your collaborators.

I do paragliding, I love mountains, hiking, and biking into nature. Recently I embraced sailing in the Baltic sea (no mountains in south Sweden!)

Another day in Lisbon, overlooking the sea. A bit further out, a lone boat braving the sea, heading towards the unknown, enjoying the freedom freely given, avoiding temptation by the countless sirens. Bliss.
Photo by Sensei Minimal / Unsplash

I write about...

This is a personal blog where I share personal experiences and ideas.

Quotes - Marco Pegoraro
Sometimes, quotes are just what get you through a tough tough day. Here are the ones that I like the most and want to remember.
Databases - Marco Pegoraro
Databases are the cornerstone of any modern information system. Even so, we don’t spend enough time learning their inside outs and making them work properly. This is a collection of bits of experience, war stories, and general pain during my jurney from data-storage to data-bases.
Docker - Marco Pegoraro
Docker is just an amazing tool that gave me the super power to run almost any software on my machine, with near-zero Linux experience. Along the way, I’ve learned a few Linux tricks as well.
FetchQ - Marco Pegoraro
Fetchq is a queue system and big calendar based on PostgreSQL. It helps you simplify your problems by splitting them into smaller independent pieces, letting Fetchq orchestrate the execution, tracking, and logging into the most reliable of the Open-Source database systems ever.


I like to start new projects. No, I LOVE to start new projects. Starting new projects gives me the opportunity to go deep into one single subject and learn.

West side project story - commitstrip.com

My personal GitHub is filled up with short life span repositories. But some of them are more interesting than others and I plan to keep working on a more serious level.