The Apple Watch got it first!

The first diagnosis of Atrial Fibrillation came from my Apple Watch. And my cardiologist took that into serious consideration.

The Apple Watch got it first!
Photo by Ankush Minda / Unsplash

I’m an Apple fanboy, that’s it. And my heart condition was just the push I needed to spend the insane amount of money they asked for a wristwatch.

I wanted the Apple Watch for years, but could never decide to spend the money for it when my iPhone already tells me the time, the date, and the general weather information.

But give me a lever long enough, and I’ll lift Earth, am I right? So with the proper push from the very bottom of my heart (little I knew the problem was from the top - pun intended), I walked into the store and asked the clerk to give me the fancy gadget. I got the red one because you always want to stand out from the crowd.

Once I got home and started to play with it, I was happily surprised to find the ECG function. I didn’t know about it, and now that I do, I tell everybody that this function alone is worth the money it costs.

That, plus the random photos that it shows when you turn your wrist. I’ve put on the “favorite pics” album, so I have a constant reminder of my good moments with my wife, family, and friends.

The ECG promptly started to give me “signs of atrial fibrillation.” I also got “high heart racing” and “heart race above 150”. I consistently get those results during my crisis. The rest of the time, I record the normal “sinus rhythm,” which is good.

I googled those results and decided that the situation was severe enough so that I couldn’t keep on waiting for the Swedish healthcare system to help me. I had to take things into my own hands if I wanted to survive and tell my story!

If you, like me, feel something weird going on in your chest, don't wait up! Take immediate action and figure it out. Today we have the tech to help us.