Gitbook Plugins

Last weekend I've been working on some plugins for GitBook. Here is the list!

Gitbook Plugins
Photo by Ralph Hutter / Unsplash

I recently starter working on an education project called LearnJS and I decided to draft it with GitBook as it is quite simple to set up and run.

There were a few features missing from the core and from the community, so I decided to build some super simple plugins that help me handle my content better.



Just add this plugin to your book.json and enjoy an automatic Javascript redirect from HTTP to HTTPS when your book is published online.

The plugin recognizes your local environment and skips the redirect.


Just add this plugin to embed a Disqus board on every page of your 3.x GitBook.

You can configure a few settings and blacklist pages that should not use it.


This plugin lets you embed a Youtube video that is fully responsive to the page size. Works great for desktop and mobile.


If you need to embed a CodePen into your pages, this plugin does the heavy lifting for you.