When it comes to write code you don't need to learn magic spells.
All you need is to take a look outside the window and solve your problem
with patterns from the real world, where you come from.

-- Then you code --
Marco Pegoraro

Marco Pegoraro

Best Practices for a Good Team Experience

Through my years in engineering I saw a couple of project succeed and some more fail. In this post I note down a set of simple practices that might help a team to cooperate better. This is the product of my personal experience.

Marco Pegoraro

Optional Parameter in AWS CloudFormation Stack YAML

How can you programmatically decide whether to create a brand new EBS volume or restore from an existing snapshot, all in a small YAML snippet?

Marco Pegoraro

Make it Parallel

The first version of my queue system was very simple, in the end it proved to be too simple for a real life scenario. I knew I couldn’t use queue / messaging tools like RabbitMQ because of my requirements (uniqueness, time based) so after some googling I resolved to DIY and I choosed PostgreSQL as […]

Marco Pegoraro

How to optimize Postgres for `SELECT COUNT(*)` on massive tables

The short answer is: “indexes”.
But you can read the rest of the story in the full article 🙂

Marco Pegoraro

WP Admin proxy for NGINX

How to proxy wp-admin in a headless wordpress setup

Marco Pegoraro

Apple – Security for travellers sucks

Did you know that you can’t print any recovery code for your AppleID account? The more you protect it, the more is likely you loose control over it. And do you travel a lot? Then you’d better read this!

31 March 2017
to write code and to write an app are two different things
Marco Pegoraro

WordPress on Thin Air

This very website is hosted on a 512Mb Ram Digital Ocean droplet and is still able to serve an benchmarked 252 pages per second with 50 concurrent requests being made, wanna achieve the same result?

Marco Pegoraro

Docker Stats with Containers Names

There is a way to get container’s names out of `docker stats`, and Docker Humble makes it ridicolously easy for you.

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